World Background

Tech Level

Swords and bows are the most common forms of weaponry, guns are fairly exotic and trained users of them are fairly uncommon although not entirely rare. There are fight clubs in almost every major town where adventurers can test their skills and perfect their abilities. Underground fight pits that operate in the shadows of the law are often overlooked by authorities as they tend to be occupied by unsavoury types and most fights are to the death, thus it is seen as “less work” for local law enforcement to let these criminals sort themselves out            .

Magic Use

Those born with magic have been around for as long as recorded history, however learners of the various schools of magic have only been known for the last few centuries. The first known mages guild started as a group of curious wizards to be who began studying the arcane arts from tomes and runes found in ancient ruins. After spending a lifetime devoted to the arcane they passed their knowledge down to their personal students who then went on to found the first public mages guild. It is a requirement that all learners of magic possess a license to practice, however dark users do exist and are not bound by the Laws of the Seven Mages.


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